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Table 7a - Ontario Spring Wheat Distributors 2016, OCCC, November 2016

Class1 Variety Distributor
hrs Norwell (awned) C & M Seeds
Sable (awned) C & M Seeds
Megantic (awned) Synagri
HY 124-HRS (awned) Alliance Agri-Turf/Beatty Seeds/Snobelen Farms
Touran (awned) Elite Seeds
Furano C & M Seeds
MAJOR Synagri
Fuzion Semences Prograin Inc
Wilkin C & M Seeds
AAC Scotia (awned) PBR Semican Inc
MAGOG Semican Inc
TOPAZE (awned) Pedigrain
KLEOS Synagri
Easton (awned) C & M Seeds
AAC Fairwind (awned) PBR C & M Seeds
SS Blomidon Elite Seeds
Moka Semican Inc
other Pasteur SeCan Association
efs Hoffman (awned) Elite Seeds
trit Sonika (awned) Elite Seeds
1 hrs = hard red spring, efs = eastern feed spring, trit = triticale, other = does not meet quality standards for CEHRS.
PBR  PBR Status; indicates varieties protected under PBR 91. Visit pbrfacts.ca to learn more.

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